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PobbyPonchoTM is now available in two styles:
Scalloped Lace, or Striped Lace.

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PobbyPoncho with scalloped edge PobbyPoncho with striped lace and bobble hem
Scalloped Lace PobbyPoncho Striped Lace PobbyPoncho

My scalloped-lace PobbyPoncho is mid-arm length for convenience and freedom of movement. Handknit of Caron's Simply Soft acrylic yarn, the lace pattern is open and airy. Wear it over a casual shirt, turtleneck, or sleeveless dress. A contrasting color will show through the lace nicely, and the openwork is comfortable in all seasons. Coordinating accent beads (52) are knitted into lower-edge rows, and the scalloped border is elegant!

My new striped-lace PobbyPoncho has a chevron lace yoke, and striped lace panels which form a pointed hemline border. A bobble is placed at each point. No beads are used on this design.

Easy Care: Machine wash (gentle) and dry, steam press lightly on the wrong side to flatten the lace after laundering.

Size: One size fits most. Small size can be custom ordered.

Yarn Colors: Inquire about Simply Soft colors available at the time.


$40 for scalloped lace, Simply Soft yarn and 52 beads
(or no beads)

$50 for scalloped lace, Simply Soft yarn, Moonlight Mohair stripes, and 52 beads

$60 for striped lace, Simply Soft yarn and bobble hemline

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