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"PobbyBop" is baby talk for "Pocketbook"!

PobbyBop™ Handbags and Purses are hand-knitted from knitting worsted weight yarn. Most are fully lined, and are embellished with beads and/or ribbon trim. Shoulder bags are usually about 10x10 inches in size, with knitted shoulder strap. Many have cable patterns with beads knitted in, others have interesting stitch patterns Some have loop fringe. Little mini purses are unlined, about five inches square, with or without a shoulder strap. Here are some examples:

Pink Trellis Shoulder Bag

Natural Beaded Shoulder Bag

Blue Cabled Shoulder Bag

Mint Green Cabled with Diamond Beads

Orange Arrow Cabled with Gold Beads

Navy Bag with Frogging Cable

Rose Hairpin Lace Tote Bag

Tan Hairpin Lace Tote Bag

White Wedding Lace Shoulder Bag

Ring-Handled Triangle Bag

Wine and White Ring Handles

School Colors, Brass Handles

Basic Mini Purse

Mini Purse with Loop Fringe

Basic Mini Purse with Strap

Mini Purse with Eyelash Yarn

Navy Clutch with Wine Ribbon

Dark Red Cabled Clutch with Pearlized Beads

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